Hilary Leitner is a master in acumassage, which means that she has expert training and a lot of experience in both acupuncture and massage. The combination means that she has a wealth of knowledge and an extraordinary range of skills in reaching for a balanced solution to the individual problem or need in front of her. I know of no one else who so quickly sees what needs to be done. She is also a careful listener as well as an accomplished interlocutor. She will hear what you have to say. If you want a quiet experience, she is for you; if instead you enjoy talking to the person working on you, as I do, she is a graceful and perceptive conversationalist always with a point about what she is doing.

A session with Ms. Leitner is a mutual experience. She is cautious but imaginative and thorough in the treatments she offers. You will certainly come away in better shape, and if you come often, you may even emerge a better person. I should add that this therapist, when asked, has excellent advice on diet and exercise. I give Hilary Leitner my highest recommendation. You may do as well, but you cannot possibly do better.

– RF, New York, NY


“I’ve been seeing Hilary for many years for acupuncture, massage and other techniques.  She has been a dedicated professional and has always taken care of my needs.  She has a singular attention to detail and has helped me resolve many issues. She not only has several certifications and an advanced degree but she has years of experience as well.  She uses these strengths, along with her keen insight and intuitive abilities, to help heal and ameliorate. I highly recommend her.”

– Ken G., Peekskill, NY


Hilary has the right balance of knowledge, compassion, skill and generosity and I am so grateful to have found her….. I wouldn’t waste my time with anyone else.

– A. Barkow, Brooklyn, NY


I have been going to Hilary Leitner for therapeutic massage for many years now. In particular, she was there for me through breast cancer treatment with weekly massages that helped me cope with the physical, mental, and emotional stress of the disease. For the last six months, she has been focusing on my partial rotator cuff tear and frozen shoulder. I truly believe she is instrumental in my healing and her massages will prevent my needing surgery for either problem.

Hilary is a healer in so many ways. She is a nurturer who works through her hands, but on so many different levels, including spiritual. Her competency in deciding what treatment is best for each individual client is evident as she alters each massage with an acute sensitivity geared to the person at that particular moment in time. I can personally attest to her excellence in her profession.

– Judy V, Brooklyn, NY


A long time ago, as a waitress at Angelica Kitchen, i was charged with training a new hire.  I remember where Hilary and I each sat at the community table sharing a meal at break time.  We spoke about all the healing modalities that interested us.  Her trust in the power of holistic care impressed me – her convictions seemed so strong for someone so young.

Hilary went on to practice and integrate, and in several cases master a long list of healing arts, which now all make up her practitioner’s took kit.   I recently needed to undergo outpatient surgery and had the unfortunate resulting constipation and hemorrhoids that so often accompany these procedures.  After a visit to Hilary I was able to walk again. She sent me off with much information on how to stay pain free and gently coax my body to keep moving.  I was never so grateful!

Another memorable treatment was long ago when I still suffered from asthma attacks. Hilary promised to accompany me to the emergency room but asked if I was up for first trying a few things.  Through her guidance I regained my breath and once stabilized agreed to her last request that I pick up my violin and play a short phrase.  The notes vibrated deeply, filled with peace and warmth.  Consider yourself blessed to know of Hilary Leitner.

– Chris Schrempp, Brooklyn, NY


I have known Hilary for over 15 years. I started seeing her for a weekly massage on the recommendation of my chiropractor, who also sees her. What began as an end-of-week relaxing ritual became an enduring friendship over the years. We have shared many of our life experiences and I have always found her to be a empathetic listener and supporter.

As she began to practice acupuncture, I was one of her first clients and now she provides a combination of both practices for my appointment. Having gone through a knee and a hip replacement, I’ve found that Hilary’s ministrations have eased the pain, swelling and bruising of those operations and even the incision scars are barely noticeable.

She even came to my home when I was recuperating. I appreciate how she is always inquiring about what your body needs and then finding the right application for that condition. I look forward to each appointment because I know my body and mind will be eased and I will leave relaxed and renewed.

– Cathy W, Brooklyn, NY


Introduced by a friend in 2009, I liked Hilary Leitner immediately. Her personality is bright and sweet, and she brings this positivity to the massage table.

Hilary’s hands are masterful, as she moves energy – which no longer serves – out of the body. The approach is holistic, with an appreciation of the multidimensionality of the individual. Hilary can suggest change in habits like food intake and exercise – to support well-being. She is important in my health support network.

Lucas, Hilary’s canine assistant, often remains under the table to support the energy in the room. I leave the office in a blissful state. Hilary is an excellent masseuse and I highly recommend her work!

– Linda Marsanico, Ph.D.


Hilary is the complete package. Caring, skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, versatile, etc. She takes a holistic approach to your physical well-being, be it massage, acupuncture, stretching /yoga, nutrition or just plain listening to and caring about you.

– Michael Skurnick, Woodstock, NY


To me, Hilary is much more than an acupuncturist and massage therapist. Patient and understanding, kind and compassionate, she helps me through many of my life’s problems, both physically and mentally. She and her dog Lucas combine to be an important and calming influence in my life.

– William C., Student, Manhattan


I have had severe psoriasis for most of my fifty years and have tried every kind of treatment, both conventional and natural including; Outpatient UV light therapy, homeopathy, reflexology, chiropractic, fasting.

I sometimes had temporary relief; lasting up to a month at a time, but it always came back. I got used to wearing long sleeves and long pants even in 80-degree weather and basically stopped trying. Then seven years ago, I met Hilary Leitner.

After a series of treatments, both acupuncture and massage and a strict dietary regime, my skin is 80% clear. And most importantly, I have the confidence that I can clear it. Hilary has a very special quality, which combines compassion, sensitivity and care with a strong, uncompromising belief in a person’s own ability to heal.

– GC, Queens, NY


Hilary is a healer of the highest order.  Whether you choose acupuncture or massage therapy, or her unique and empowering combination of both, you will be assisted greatly towards a life of balance and optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

– Charles Balter, New Jersey


I have been seeing Hilary for years and years. It took me a long time to find someone who fits what I was looking for. She is incredibly kind, intuitive, smart and uses a variety of techniques. I often go for acupuncture but sometimes am able to get a mix of Acu and massage. I don’t know what she’s better at! Recently I have had some muscle issues and was worried I wasn’t going to be able to play softball this season and we worked on my shoulder a few sessions and the issue completely went away. I can’t say enough good things about Hilary!!! 🙂

– Sarah Sawyer, Brooklyn, NY


Hilary Leitner worked in my chiropractic office for several years and I continue to refer patients to her for massage and acupuncture.  In addition to being an excellent therapist, Hilary’s healing energy enables her to connect with her clients on both an intuitive and spiritual level.  Hilary’s gentle, calming personality provides a safe healing environment for all who experience her, including myself.

– Dr. Andrea Auerbach, Chiropractor


The first time when we met was in multi-day race where I was running and Hilary – volunteering. I had all possible aches in leg-muscles & joints and Hilary was always easily finding solutions with either massage or acupuncture or ayurvedic treatment for all of them. Then I asked myself what makes this beautiful woman to spend her time and energy, to come and to volunteer? One day I heard from her: “I believe in kindness”. This is the main idea which stands behind each touch of this highly professional specialist and charming person.

– Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh Russia